Tuesday, June 30, 2009

'Property brokers expect prices to increase assetventures'

'Property brokers expect prices to increase'

Residential property builders have something to cheer if the result of a poll of property brokers conducted by Edelweiss Capital is any indication. The pan-India poll shows that property brokers expect prices of residential property, especially i n the Mumbai and NCR region, to increase around the Budget, Edelweiss said in a press release issued here.

"Throughout India, property brokers have turned positive on the Indian residential realty market, in the last three months," the poll said. There has already been an increase in the number of transactions in the past one month against nil in the preceding five months, it said.

The poll was conducted amongst 100 odd property brokers in the first-half of June in the four cities of Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru and Chennai and 20 micro-markets. A significant change in sentiment post-elections and preceded by strong stimulus measures have contributed to a strong recovery in volumes and prices, the release said.

According to the poll, nearly 87 per cent of the brokers surveyed endorsed that transactions had indeed increased in the last one month.

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