Monday, October 26, 2009

Guj builders plan permanent property show

Gujarat based builders are planning to replicate the Japanese model of permanent property show to display large number of real estate
at a single venue near Ahmedabad.
The idea of developing a facility for displaying built sample houses along with layouts has come from a recent study tour of Gujarat chapter of Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) to Japan and South Korea. Around 120 real estate developers from across Gujarat visited the two countries earlier this month.

The permanent property show near Osaka drew attention of the entire delegation. “Most of us believe it would make sense to replicate the model somewhere near Ahmedabad instead of holding property shows periodically,” said Jaxay Shah, president CREDAI (Gujarat). Prospective buyers also don’t have to waste time by visiting different construction sites.

Mehsana-based builder Sandeep Sheth, who coordinated the study tour, said, “Under one roof, customers would get an idea about overall realty development across the state and developers will have the advantage of a large platform which would attract a broad base of prospective buyers.”

The Osaka model has excellent landscaping, gardens, restaurants and an entertainment zone for children where families spend considerable time before taking the crucial decision on which residential or commercial space to buy.

Suresh Patel, vice-president of Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers (GIHED), said if the state government supports the idea, it could generate good revenue out of rentals from developers who book space in the project.

There were other unique schemes which impressed the local realtors. Ahmedabad-based realtor Dushyant Pandya said he was eager to replicate a solar bungalow project. The one he saw had 120 dwelling units running only on solar energy. “Cost-wise, these would be expensive initially but they would be cheaper in the long run,” he said.

Among other projects they visited was one especially developed for artists like painters, sculptors, designers and creative people. The homes offer an ambience which helps creativity blossom

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