Thursday, June 11, 2009

Allahabad City UP witnesses boom in real estate demands

With the culture of individual houses and palatial bungalows waning

fast, the city is adopting the flat culture, which is
considered to be safe, secure and
useful for social activities, especially for the older generation. It is here that the role of Allahabad Development Authority assumes great significance.

Allahabad Development Authority which originated in 1974 was formed under the provision laid by the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning & Development Act of 1973. ADA development projects began with smaller projects & constructions but soon progressed and changed the city's look with its magnificent works. Uttar Pradesh being one of the most important states of India, politically and hence Allahabad, an important city of the state with long historical and cultural background, attracts a lot of people and tourists from all over the world thereby necessitates the establishment of development authority to overlook planned development of the city.

The development authority aims to fulfil its responsibilities for the development of the city by constructing state-of-the-art infrastructure for its residential and commercial projects in a well planned manner, by adhering to the master plan laid out by the authorities.

ADA also started many housing schemes like Avantika, Kalindipuram, Juhi, Badri, Parivartan, Shantipuram, Nirupma, Agnipath, Ekanki, Devghat, Trivenipuram, Katju, Ambedkar, Dev-Prayagam, Nav-Prayagam, Chandpur Salori, Asdullapur and IDH Compound Housing Scheme. Apart from these, Allahabad Development Authority is also working in conjunction with private builders and developers in order to give a progressive direction to the development process of real estate in Allahabad.
The latest real estate developments in city primarily focus on building hotels, guest houses, Dharmashalas, restaurants, retail shops and other tourists' activity spots. The real estate property prices in city are also mounting as more and more people are heading towards the efficient business opportunities the city offers. For the purchase, sale or renting of any property in Allahabad, you receive full assistance from the property dealers in the city.

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