Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maharashtra mulls giving equal share to wife in property

The Maharashtra government is seeking legal advice on making it mandatory for giving equal property right to wife, Revenue Minister Patangarao Kadam has said. 

The present norms stipulate that the wife getting share in property is 'discretionary' and not mandatory, the minister said. 

"The government is seeking advice from Law and Judiciary Department on making it mandatory to give equal right to the wife in property," Mr. Kadam informed the Legislative Council in a written answer on Tuesday. 

In order to implement the proposal, the government needs to amend the Succession Act. The issue would also be discussed in the Cabinet meeting, he said. 

Earlier, the government had decided to register the wife's name on 7/12 extract (land ownership record) along with the husband's. However, registering the wife's name depended on such a 'request' being made by the husband, he said. 

Arun Gujarati (NCP) raised the issue and asked the Government to give details on registering the wife's name in 7/12 records.

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